Establishment of ODA

The inadequacy of government budget in ameliorating the deteriorating living condition in Oromia is indisputable. Therefore, as an additional development force, to the ongoing development efforts, the Oromia Development Association was established as a non profit making indigenous NGO in March 1993 by some concerned persons of Oromia with a view to mitigating the development problems of the region by mobilizing local and external resources.



  • To see a developed Oromia society where all people are empowered, educated, healthy and living in a green environment.



  • To contribute towards the improvement of the lives of the Oromia people through sustainable integrated community based development programmes primarily focused on livelihoods, empowerment, health and education.
  • To achieve organisational excellence and outstanding leadership.


In order to achieve its objectives, ODA employs the following strategies:

  • Mainstream gender and environment in ODA’s daily operations and all development programmes.
  • Use community based participatory so all programme deliverables are sustainable.
  • Create enabling environments to enable all Oromo people to participate in development issues nationally and internationally.
  • Use local volunteers as community based change agents to deliver long lasting impact.
  • Use a cost sharing approach within the communities so all members have an investment in the programme success.
  • Fully support government plans through providing capacity building programmes at Aanaa level.
  • Develop strategic partnerships to maximise scarce resources and deliver a large impact for the people of Oromia.
  • Pro-active focus on continually building mutually beneficially relationships with stakeholders, partners and donors.
  • Continual investment in ODA’s capacity so that we are an innovative organisation.
  • Periodic external reviews to ensure that the strategic direction is always fit for purpose to enable management to exploit new opportunities.
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