Oromia Development Association (ODA)

Oromia Development Association (ODA) is a not -for -profit, indigenous non-governmental organization relentlessly working to alleviate the deep-rooted socio-economic problems of the general public residing in the Oromia Regional State. Following the coming into effect of the federal system of governance, ODA was established in 1993 and later registered as an Ethiopian Resident Charity Organization in 2009 as per article 1414 of its establishment.

With the view to address the problems of the society in the best possible manner, enhance leadership, and transparency, ODA has recently restructured its organizational structure and service delivery using state of the arts technology. Within the last 22 years, ODA has managed to have 5.1 million active members, 760 corporate members, 120,000 volunteers, and about 584,505 citizens have benefited from its community- based charity packages.

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