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Any person, legal or physical, who is in sympathy with the overall aim and objectives of ODA can be the member of the Association.

The organization welcomes any kind of support. We accept financial and other types of materials support

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Core Values of the Oromia Development Association

  • Leadership

Excellent leadership which inspires employees and volunteers to act in support of the organisation’s goals.

  • Results Oriented

All employees, management and Executive Board are focused on making a real difference for all beneficiaries. All activities are focused on delivering professional services on a timely basis, making best use of available but limited resources

  • Good Governance

ODA will operate in a fully transparent environment, with all employees understanding their accountabilities and responsibilities. ODA believes in upholding the highest degree of honesty and integrity in all our relationships. ODA will abide by the rule of law in all matters.

  • Collaboration

ODA understands the value of involving all interested parties (employees, beneficiaries, members, community members and donors) in all its’ activities. ODA works in partnership with other charities, networks and government agencies for success and sustainability. ODA recognises the importance of teamwork and actively encourages teamwork amongst all employees.

  • Unity For Development

ODA believes in upholding the highest degree of respect and accommodates for all members of the human race irrespective of race, sex, culture, religion or social status.

  • Gender Equality

Gender policies ultimately aim at fair and positive opportunities for both women and men in ODA. Gender shall be mainstreamed in all aspects of the human resource policies and practices. Gender issues shall be looked at in the broader sense of providing opportunities and space for participation of women at all levels and in different capacities without being limited to the issue of balancing.


Here you will find active documents released under Oromia Development Association. They are available for free download.

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