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Major ODA Achievements

    The major achievements over the last two decades since its establishment include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Over 1546 water wells / boreholes have been dug and about 1.4 million people have got access to potable water supply;
  • About 400 schools have been built and well over 2.4 million citizens have got access to at least primary education;
  • Providing non formal adult education to well over 100,000 adults;
  • Providing educational opportunities to 20, 102 needy and highly vulnerable children;
  • Supporting 36, 057 students and their parents;
  • Constructing 182 rural health centers and benefiting millions of people who were in dire need of health services;
  • Assisting 311 women who were suffering from obstetric fistula and rehabilitating their lives;
  • Providing short training to well over 213,054 youth and adolescents on reproductive health information;
  • Discouraging early marriage practices and contributing towards the cancellation of 1, 017 early marriage contracts about to be concluded;
  • Discouraging female genital mutilation and interrupting 612 intended FGM acts;
  • Offering  short trainings on health and related issues to well over 11,500 health professionals;
  • About 1,413,567 have benefited from its family planning package;
  • 18,170 Helping Venerable Children (HVC)  and 9, 177 health care support have been given;
  • Assisting  24, 142 HVC by proving shelter and health care, and rehabilitating 303 of their care-givers;
  • Building two multi-purpose towers to generate income; G+7 in the capital Finfine/ Addis Ababa and G+4 at Jimma town;
  • Constructing a recreation center at Bishoftu  town ( Babogaya) to generate income;
  • Establishing a special school  at Adama town for academically talented and outstanding  students drawn from various  schools in the region- so far, about 308 students have been enrolled;
  • Laying a basement stone to build another special school at Guder town, West Showa;


Here you will find active documents released under Oromia Development Association. They are available for free download.

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