• Utilizing available resources to enhance the overall living standard of the people in the region.
  • In collaboration with the concerned bodies to undertake programs and constructions of infrastructure.
  • To provide support to the development of agricultural sector of the economy and to the protection and promotion of natural resources/environment management in the region.
  • To participate in the rehabilitation of socioeconomic infrastructure and facilities those are damaged.
  • To encourage and assist small scale (cottage) industries, and handcrafts with the view of their development and promotion.
  • To support/assist increase the role that women play in the economic and social activities in the region.
  • Undertake various capacity building and training with a view to enhance employment generation scheme (EGS) in the region.
  • To assist the development of indigenous knowledge (IK) in Oromia and to oversee its sustainability where possible.
  • Increase the size of membership and income by registering institutions and known personalities.
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